Building a Better Mississippi

Membership Benefits

The 3-in-1 membership to the local, state and national associations work together to provide member benefits in four major ways:


The association works to educate state and national legislators on the importance of the housing industry and to protect legislative interests.


The Member Rebate program and the Member Advantage Program are just two ways that membership provides opportunities to save on day-to-day costs. In 2021, the average rebate per Builder/Remodeler member who participated was $1,472.55!


Membership provides access to a variety of continued education seminars and opportunities that help members maintain a competitive edge. The associations are constantly considering new partnerships to expand these opportunities. These opportunities include access to the Certified Professional Builder Program with the Mississippi Housing Institute.


All three levels of the association contain highly qualified staff. Their expertise ranges from legislative and regulatory to even legal and financial.

Overall, the association provides a powerful network of over 220,000 professionals nationwide who are dedicated to the housing industry. The association provides resources to help make the most of your investment and connect you to the benefits you value most.

Between legislative advocacy, rebate and savings opportunities, education and additional programs, becoming a member is just good business. Join your local home builders association TODAY!