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How to become a CPB or find a CPB

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The purpose of the Certified Professional Builder/Remodeler programs are to establish criteria for home builders to assist in consumer awareness and professionalism through education, professional development and customer satisfaction.

Becoming a Mississippi Certified Professional Builder/Remodeler provides an opportunity for builders to pursue professional development through education and customer satisfaction.  By agreeing to become a Certified Professional Builder, builders will agree to meet standards beyond the licensing requirements of the Mississippi State Board of Contractors. 

The criteria of the program assures homebuyers are receiving a level of satisfaction from their builder.



Eligible Certified Professional Builder/Remodeler participants must complete an application and submit it the Mississippi Housing Institute (MHI) for approval.

There is an annual registration fee of $175.00.  This will include the cost of orientation which is mandatory for the Certified Professional Builder/Remodeler programs. 

Four hours of continuing education will be required each year for recertification.  Seminar fees for the education classes will be charged to the builder.

For more information contact Mississippi Housing Institute (MHI) Director Kim Jent 601-667-7916