Building a Better Mississippi

Member Rebate Program

The Member Rebate Program is an exclusive member benefit aimed to provide rebates to Mississippi builders and remodelers for over 50 participating manufacturers already use.

Completing the quarterly claims process is easy with three simple methods and NO RECEIPTS NEEDED.

In 2021, the average rebate per Builder/Remodeler member  was $1582.20 which more than exceeds what they paid in annual dues!

Builders Under 20 Addresses in 2021 Average: $737.35

Builders Over 20 Addresses in 2021 Average: $3,014.66

Multi-Family Builders in 2021 Average: $13,068.44

Associate members who provide these rebate eligible products can be included in the online directory, listing where builders can start saving.

We can customize our claim form per Builder based on what they are using for an easier claims process:


 to learn more about the Member Rebate Program or check out the new INSIGHTS Magazine, published exclusively for the Home Builders Association of Mississippi with more information regarding the program.