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Home Builders Association of Mississippi

Build PAC (Political Action Committee)

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The Home Builders Association of Mississippi has formed a Political Action Committee, Build PAC. Build PAC is a non-profit arm which helps elect officials and legislators who are strong advocates of business and housing. This is accomplished through financial contributions from Home Builders Association of Mississippi members.

Build Pac is critical to the Home Builders Association of Mississippi's success in pursuing pro-housing and pro-business issues at the legislature because:

  • Build PAC elects pro-housing and pro-business candidates that are running for state office, the state legislature and judiciary.
  • Keeps the Home Builders Association Mississippi's agenda in the forefront with the most influential political figures in the State.
  • Gains access to the elected officials that vote on issues important to the Mississippi housing industry.
  • Creates political clout for the Home Builders Association of Mississippi.

Political and Judicial VICTORIES for the Home Builders Association of Mississippi

  • Won the Supreme Court legal battle over impact fees in the Home Builders Association of Mississippi vs. the City of Ocean Springs.  The court called impact fees illegal taxes and therefore stopped illegal taxes on builders.
  • The new Home Warrant Act was passed giving builders the opportunity to repair a construction defect prior to being sued by a homeowner.  Builders have saved thousands of dollars due to this legislation.
  • Mold and mold damage protection was given to the builder due to our legislative efforts.  This should help builders from frivolous lawsuits regarding mold.
  • Tort reform was passed with the help and support of HBAM.  This was a big win, not only for our members, but also the entire Mississippi business community.
  • Home builder licensing was passed giving professional licensing to builders and remodelers.
  • Defeated impact fee legislative efforts at the State Capitol.
  • Helped change balance of Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.
  • HBAM stopped efforts of the Mississippi school superintendents to pass a school impact fee bill.  The bill would have allowed cities and counties to require developer agreements with the money being used to fund educational facilities and services provided within the subdivision and school district with no limit on the amount of the fees.
  • Created a state building code council to create a statewide building code.

Ready to be a part of making change in the State, click below to download the Build PAC pledge brochure and get started on ...Taking a STAND for the Mississippi housing industry.

Members who have made significant contributions to the Build PAC fund will be recognized at various functions and special events through out the year, such as the Winter Board meeting and the State Convention.

Home Builders Association of Mississippi Address: P.O. Box 3556
Jackson, MS 39207
Phone: (601) 969-3446 or 1-800-898-HBAM
Fax: (601) 969-1285

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